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Welcome book lovers, book writers, and book bloggers. Are you looking for more places to dive into books, whether indie or traditionally published? Please peruse our selection of book bloggers and book promoting author bloggers. This list is currently not being updated.

Authors to Watch: Interviews, book features, and new release promotions for authors. Indies are always welcome! PG-13

Book Reviews: Review of books (traditional & indie) I have read. Content ranges G to R.

Contemporary & General Fiction
Mystery & Crime Fiction
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction
Fantasy and Paranormal
Mackenzie Flohr's Author Blog: creative writing, author interviews, exclusively indie, PG-13

The ToiBox of Words: geek stuff, movie and book reviews, author interviews, mostly indie, PG-13

Memoir & Biography
Nonfiction (general)
Words for Thought: (writing blog) I blog about #TyposHurtYourWriting and #HomonymsHurtYourWriting, the issues that bedevil all writers. PG-13