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Reading Indie is a place for readers to discover the many and varied talents of independent authors, while in turn offering indie authors an avenue to reach new readers. See our promotional policy here.

Reading Indie is the pet project of the Authors-Professional Co-op. While closely associated with the APC, Reading Indie is its own unique entity. Please visit the APC tab to learn more about them.

Reading Indie is in no way associated with the state of Indiana, but the person responsible for the current banner is a total newb and likes plays on words. 😉 Indie is short for independent but it's also short for Indiana.

This blog posts interviews, guest articles, books spotlights, and promotes new releases.

All content on this blog is copyrighted to its prospective owner, otherwise, source data will be provided. Please do not copy, use, or publish this content for personal gain and or without permission.

This was previously an affiliate blog with to help fund giveaways. Posts between June 2017 and December 2017 may contain affiliate links.

This blog is currently available for the taking. If you want it, visit the Contact page and let us know.