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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Blogger Ambush Blitz Spotlight at #ReadingIndie Sept. '17 #BloggerAmbush

That's what they said! 😋 
I’m so happy to announce that the first round of this supportive and fun blitz was a success. Our goal now is simply to grow our participants and spread the love and blogger support. Drive traffic, drive interaction, Ambush a deserving blogger. 

The first round of Ambushes had so much variety and fun to offer. There were book spotlights, vacation highlights, excerpts, and more. Go check them out. 

Rainne’sRamblings was Ambushed the week of August 7.

Just 4 MyBooks was Ambushed the week of August 14.

WildGeese was Ambushed the week of August 21.

MackenzieFlohr’s Author Blog was Ambushed the week of August 28.

The Magic of Stories was Ambushed the week of September 4.

Did you know? Reading Indie
The award winning book turned movie, The Martian, started out as a self-published ebook. 
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So, does the Blogger Ambush Blitz sound like something you want to participate in or at least follow along with?

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