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Sunday, July 2, 2017

#SundayMorning News at #ReadingIndie July 2017

Mark Your Calendars

New Release Tuesday will be on: July 4, 2017. There are still spaces available to promote your new release.

Book Spotlight, with Descent (The Birthrite, #1), will be: July 6, 2017

First Impressions, Author interview- space available, will be: July 11, 2017. Amazon Prime Day.

TBAJuly 13, 2017. 

Recommened Reading will feature Dark & Humorous and Desperate Love themes on: July 18, 2017.

Book Spotlight, with  Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter, will be: July 20, 2017

First Impressions, Author interview- space available, will be: July 25, 2017.

Author Talks, guest article with space available, will be: July 27, 2017

Be sure to stop by your page and see what you missed on Indie Pride Day and see what's in store for International Authors Day, July 14th.

Don't forget to visit your page; submissions are always open for promotional opportunities. We have new promotional rewards to offer with our short story blog hop and our monthly author giveaway. Be sure to check those out... Did you see the notice for Amazon Prime Day? Are you ready?

Thank you for your continued support. This month will begin our social media shouts to all who have listed their blogs. Be sure to link up on your page if you haven't already.
Did you know? Patrick Null
Writer's block is often caused by not knowing where the story is going? An outline beforehand helps to fix that.
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